Saturday, May 30, 2020

How Twitter works and survives as the world's most popular microblogging site

Donald Trump makes Twitter a mainstay in updating his activities. Since becoming president of the United States, he has written more than 11,000 tweets. He also often tweeted which made the ears of his political opponents hot.

Twitter was founded by four friends Evan Williams, JackDorsey, Noah Glass, and Biz Stone in March 2006. When first introduced, Twitter only allowed users to write 140 characters for one post. Moreover, tweets are only in the form of text, cannot include pictures, videos, or other computer files.

If the user wants to share multimedia content with their followers, he must find a web page as the source file. The address of the page is then automatically converted to a slim 30-character URL, to save space.

This is an irony when other social media sites free their users to write long texts, Twitter limits them. But this is the power of Twitter. The simplicity of the features and appearance as well as the nature of ‘straight-forward’ social media has its place in the hearts of its users.

From the start, the founders of Twitter designed this service to work with the Short Message Service (SMS) protocol. SMS can be used to send and receive text messages between cellphones.

When a user sends a text message from the cellphone to Twitter, the message will be transmitted to the mobile switching center, which sends a signal to the signal transfer point. From there, the message goes to the short message service center and then sends the text to Twitter. Twitter sends messages back to people in the user's network using the same process, but with a reverse flow.

Ease of access, free services, and simplicity of features make Twitter grow fast. Short status messages allow users to write messages that are pithy, straightforward and update activities quickly to their friends' networks.

In early 2008, Twitter users had reached 800,000 people. World public figures helped boost the number of Twitter users at that time. Katy Perry, for example, she just joined Twitter since February 2009 but in a short time has become a celebrity with the most followers, more than 109 million. Other celebrities who helped popularize Twitter include Justin Bieber, Rihana, and Barack Obama.

In Twitter's third-quarter financial report of 2019, it was shown that daily active users reached 145 million users. Uniquely, Indonesia is noted to be one of the countries with the largest active daily Twitter growth.

As competition for social media platforms is so tight, Twitter also fixes its services. The text was originally limited to 140 characters can now be 280 characters. Users can also upload photos, videos, and links to other media more freely. What remains, a trending topic on Twitter is still a reference to issues that are occurring in society today.

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